Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Widgets...!! Everybody loves Widgets...

I have finally gotten around to building up a widget package.  This will be released in the near future.  I am looking for suggestions as to peoples favorite widgets and features.  Please note them here so vial email.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Old Phone Donations

I would appreciate donations of your old used Android phones for testing.  Please contact or send me an email if you would like to support the cause.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Free is much better the Paid.

Well I guess this is the way people wanted it.  I recently converted Calendroid to Free for each version and its getting quite popular.  I want to thank everyone for your support and please keep sending comments.  I love to hear back.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Calendroid is born....

I have renamed the app to Calendroid.  I wanted to distinguish my app from the other calendarplus apps that exist.

Thank you for your continued support.


Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day alignment Errors

It has been brought to my attention that the Strict Start day feature is causing an error and dis-aligning the days during certain events.  I am working to resolve this issue.  Until then I would recommend that anyone else having this issue to please leave the Strict start day feature not enabled.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Scrolling Lag in MultiDay view...

I have noticed a bit of log on the MultiDay view since adding the DoubleClick options.  I am working to resolve this issue so please be patient if you are noticing this.

Abundant updates

I have been pushing a lot of updates as you may know.  Recently I have been getting contacted by a few calendar users and been getting great tips on improvements and adjustments.  With this comes good and bad things.  Good, a lot of issues are being resolved.  Bad, I am getting overwhelmed with adjustments and forgetting to do my share of debugging.

I want to thank you all for being so patient and I put this project together.


Where oh where did my little day slider go..?

While nice to use, the day slider/zoom if often hard to get to popup back up when you need it.  It is easily hidden by just moving dragging up or down on the day but getting it back while on the same day was troublesome.  I have added a "TAB" on the bottom of the view whenever the slider is not in view.  Simply press the tab and the slider will reappear on the screen.  This will make navigation a little bit easier while keeping your options open.

DoubleTap is your Friend...

I have gotten a bit of feedback regarding the Event Detail popup that appears on the MultiDay view.  It appears when the view loads and gets in the way.  I have always found this a bit annoying as well.  Especially since it got in the way of the new scrollbar.

I have updated the event selecting on the MultiDay view to use SingleTaps and DoubleTaps.  From now on, the popup will not appear when the view loads.  This will prevent it from getting in the way.  A single tap on an event will now bring up the popup.  Prior to this a single tap would open the event details page.  Now if you double tap on the event the details page will open.  This allows for easily viewing event details while adding a bit more control over what you want to view.  You can still tap on the popup to go directly to the event detail view.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Events in the past are so Yesterday....

Three Day with Dimmed Events
Google added a feature not to long ago that dimmed events that passed.  I recently had a suggestion to add this feature to my calendar so at no further adieu...  I have added a setting to the calendar that will allow you to dim events that have have occurred in the past.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Week Start Day - vs - Swipe Action

As it turns out I might need to explain these options in a bit more detail.  While I've only had one complaint about this option, it made me question the validity and whether or not it was helpful.  Admittedly I think in a different manner then a lot of people.  I look for fluidity and ease of use towards a problem, but I neglect to provide the proper information after I've solved an issue.  So I will do my best here.

Week start day is as far as I can see very easy to understand.  If I want my weeks to start on Monday, then I should be able to do this.  With such an easy modification I never understood why it was never implemented in the first place.  Was I to assume that since I live in the USA that I would have to start my week on Sunday.  This never made sense to me, since I always thought that the "weekend" was supposed to to be at the end of the week.

Now comes my dreaded Swipe action.  Oh, a power foe it was to the Week start day...  Here is where fluidity and ease of use came into play.  I am not a today person, but more of a everyday person.  When I look at a schedule I want to know what is happening around that time as well.  When I am using my Calendar app I want to be able to jump to a specific week without having to select a specific day and then go to the menu to adjust to week view.  This is where the swipe action on the Month View came into play.  A single swipe action to the right on the Month View of Calendar Plus will take you to the now MultiDay View.  What improved this even further was that I adjusted the swipe action to select the week that was swiped over.  For example if I was in the Month View and I wanted to see what was happening next week, I would simply swipe that week.  I was brilliant and so simple to use.

It didn't end there though.  I believed I could go one step further. "What if" I had events happening from say Thursday through the weekend and into next week and I wanted to see that schedule.  Since my week starts on Monday I would have to go back and forth between two screens to see all of the events.  Now "What if", I could dynamically adjust the week start day with a simple placement of the finger when I swipe the calendar.  So now, when you swipe the Month View if I start the swipe from Thursday, The MultiDay View displays a week starting on Thursday.  This allows easy viewing of any events anywhere in the week.

Now while this seemed so ingenious to me, it may have caused issues with other Calendar Plus users.  So, I have added an option in the settings that allow you to enable weeks to maintain start day even during a swipe or week selection from the menu.

I hope this helps a few people out and makes the calendar even easier to use.

Until next time.....

Monday, September 26, 2011

1 hour is too long, I only have 30 minute meetings

Event Length
I was recently emailed with a request that I can't believe that I had not thought of.  Editable Default Event length..  How could I have not thought of this.  I know that every time I create and event it is almost always 30 min.  It would be great if the default length of the event was 30.  So here it is.  After a bit a cussing at my computer I have delivered a Default Event Length in the Calendar Settings options.

2 Days, Sorry you're only allowed 1 or 7 Days

Two Days
The options to only be able to view a single day or 7 days felt limiting and I wanted to be able to compare select days.  If I wanted to compare today and tomorrow I had to go back and forth between the two days in the day view or I had to switch to the WeekView which was very limited on information.  I came up with the idea of being able to instantly change from the WeekView to the day view or maybe event a 2 or 3 or even 10 day view.

I reworked the calendar to and merged the Day and WeekViews together and created a MultiDay View.  In this view you have been given a slider on the bottom of the screen.   This slider allows you to easily slide from 7 days to 1 day or even up to 14 days without having to change the screen.

When was that event again?

Calendar Search
Global Search
I've had too many incidents where I knew an event was in my calendar, but I could not remember when it was.  It began to occur to me that I had missed the most important part of an online or digital calendar.  The ability to "search".

I have the DROID, and Android Phone, built using Google ideas and all that.  Why can't I search my calendar?  That's right! now I can...

With Calendar Plus you can now search through your events/agenda using the search feature on your phone.  While inside Calendar Plus you can tap your search button on your phone and a search dialog will appear allowing you to search through your agenda.  If you are not in Calendar Plus you can still tap the search button on your phone, but you will have to select "Agenda" from your search options.

By default the search will look from the current days date and forward one week.  If the event is not found it will give you options to look for older and newer events.  This keeps the search quick and easy to use.  I may add a feature to adjust this option in the future.

Move over events, new event coming through...

Original Version
New Version
Now that I had this under my belt I started looking for more aspects that I felt might need a bit more improvement.  I began to feel as if the events in the day and week view felt crowded and hard to read.  If an event overlapped the system would simply squish the events closer and closer together.  This was not too bad as long as there were not large amounts of events happening at the same time.

I then worked out a new algorithm that would place and space the events in an efficient manner based on events length and start time.  

Color at last, Thank god, Color at last!!!!

Colorized MonthView
Week Start Day
While the original Android Calendar functionaly worked, I felt that it needed a few new features.  Most of which was the ability set the start day of the week and the ability to see or recognize calendars from the Month View.  I personally have my week start on Monday on all of my calendars but this was very difficult (being from the US) without a separate Locale App from the marketplace.  I also missed the ability to view my look at my calendar and be able to distinguish at a glance what calendar had events upcoming.