Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Widgets...!! Everybody loves Widgets...

I have finally gotten around to building up a widget package.  This will be released in the near future.  I am looking for suggestions as to peoples favorite widgets and features.  Please note them here so vial email.


  1. Great idea :)

    I am really looking forward to a 1x1 widget with the current date on, to click through into Calendroid.

    Looking forward to the update :), some very well implemented features here already.

    Currently I don't have an icon shortcut to Calendardroid, and sometimes the Calendar shortcut takes me to Calendroid, others to the stock application... (DHD with Revolution ROM inc Sense 2.1)

  2. I mostly use Agenda Widget (see Market) which also integrates well to your app :)

  3. I would really like to have a 2x2 widget. With the upcoming event and the current date.
    This is a really good app, and the widget is the only thing thats missing.. :)

  4. I agree with the agenda view! It is the most useful at a glance picture of up coming events...jorte gives LOTS of options for the user to choose for the widget (almost too many!), but some options are nice, you MUST know by now that you can not please everyone even some of the time! Anxiously awaiting this update!

  5. Yes, no need to have a super-complex set of widgets (at least that can be expanded over t
    ime if need be) - looking forward to seeing the first Calendroid widgets :) Any release date that can be shared?

  6. I hope to be able to get them out around the new year. I do not have an exact timeline. Currently they are working, but have issues that would cause problems.

    Thanks for the support.

  7. I have had reports of an issue with the last release. I will have to put off the widget updates until I can get this resolved.