New Features

New Features:
Horizontal Swipe:
Swiping your finger from left to right on the Month view will take you to the selected week.  This feagture helps out by letting you skip a few steps by directly taking you to the week view of any selected week.  Previously, selecting the week view from the menu was the only way to do this and would only allow viewing the currently selected days week.  Now you can scan through the Month view and swipe on any week of interest.  By default the week start day will be dynamically adjusted to the day your finger first touches during the swipe.  This feature can be disabled in the settings by Checking the "Strict week start day" option under Calendar view settings.

Event Searching:
Touch the Search button from inside the Calendar and a search box will now appear.(Right  This allows searching of your events.  All results are displayed in the agenda view for easy viewing.  The Calendar can also be search from anywhere on the phone from the global search, as long as Agenda selected from the search list.(left)

Week Start day:
Menu -> More -> Setttings -> Set week start day
This allows setting the calendar to start its weeks on a particular day (Sun/Mon/etc..)
Prior to this setting week start day was based on the Locale of the Android ROM that was installed.

Default Event Length:
Menu -> More -> Setttings -> Default Event Length
This settings allows changing the length of the default meeting on the calendar.  By default it is set to 1hr.

Dim Past Events:
Menu -> More -> Setttings -> Dim Past Events
A new feature in Google Calendar allows dimming of events that have passed.  You can now implement this function in Calendar Plus.

Start Screen:
Menu -> More -> Setttings -> Start Screen
By default the calendar would default to the last visited view in the calendar.  That has now been replaced with an option in the Settings menu allowing the choice of what preferred start screen is desired.  

MuliDay view:
The Day and Week view has been replaced with a MultiDay view.  This view contains a scrollbar on the bottom of the screen.  You can now zoom from 1 to 14 days without having to change views.  The scrollbar will disappear during vertical dragging to allow for maximum space for viewing the calendar.  Press the "Tab" or advance the view the make the slider reappear.

With the addition of the MultiDay view the event viewing was also updated.  Events are now stacked to allow for a greater ability to view events.

All Day Events:
All day events are now displayed with horizontal bars over the top of the day during the Month view to give more of an at glance view on the calendar.  Previously All day events were only displayed by using a bolded date on the calendar in Month view.


  1. Hi, James. Great app and it saves me having to remove the touchwiz calendar and replace it with an aosp one.
    I love each and every one of your enhancements!
    Could I also make some suggestions for future upgrades?
    (1) Can you compress the time slots to, say, 2 hours or even compress the slots just during night times. This would save having to scroll right up and down through the night-time hours.
    (2) Can you add an option when editing an existing event to change which calendar the event belongs to? This can be done on the google calendar desktop but not mobile app.
    (3) Sometimes a dialog box appears (grey background with white writing) that shows details of the event. It seems to display the event details after you have viewed it using google's "view event" screen and remains on screen for about 4 seconds. It gets in the way but it is sometimes nicer to see this dialog than google's when you just want a quick overview of the event. Could you show this dialog on a single press of an event and show the google "view event" screen on a double press?

    Thanks again. gadgetGaz

    1. Have spent 12 hours on web looking for a working link, keep getting broken ones.
      I would LOVE a copy download please for my Android 4.1......

  2. gadgetGaz~
    It's like your reading my mind. I have been working on each of those. I am not sure of a timeline.
    Thank you for your support and suggestions. It's great to hear from supporters.


  3. it's just amazing that you make these really useful features. and it's a shame, google have problem with that:)

  4. I cant find the search button mentioned above I am using Samsung Galaxy S

  5. I have actually built the search into what used to be the common "search" button built into the phone. It looks like this is getting phased out. I will see what I can do to add this feature button into the interface of the phone. In the meantime, doing a "Long Press" on the menu button should bring up the Search feature. The Samsung Galaxy Series does not have a dedicated search button, so this will bring up the search features for Calendroid or any other application with the capabilities.

  6. Hi, there! This is a really good app, I've been trying several others and I like this one waaaay better than the others!!

    There is a small thing, though, when I open it in week view, the day of the month is there, but not the day of the week. On month view and day view, you see sun tue and so on... i guess it is probably because of a lack of space, but I find useful to keep the day week there...

    Another small thing is that my sync is weird, I can add a new event normally, but when i delete one, it comes back in a minute. Is there a setting I am missing?

    Finally, I don't want to be too greedy, but I tested some features in others calendars and I think they could improve Calendroid even more!! If you like, I suggest:
    - To highlight "today" in a different color (a setting here maybe?) in any view, because when you swipe the calendar, you loose "today". And there is always a selected day in gray, which it is not 'today'...
    - An option when you click or create an event to generate a QR code so you can easily share the event with others
    Thanks and great job!!

  7. Any plans on ICS or Honeycomb support?