Tuesday, October 11, 2011

DoubleTap is your Friend...

I have gotten a bit of feedback regarding the Event Detail popup that appears on the MultiDay view.  It appears when the view loads and gets in the way.  I have always found this a bit annoying as well.  Especially since it got in the way of the new scrollbar.

I have updated the event selecting on the MultiDay view to use SingleTaps and DoubleTaps.  From now on, the popup will not appear when the view loads.  This will prevent it from getting in the way.  A single tap on an event will now bring up the popup.  Prior to this a single tap would open the event details page.  Now if you double tap on the event the details page will open.  This allows for easily viewing event details while adding a bit more control over what you want to view.  You can still tap on the popup to go directly to the event detail view.

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