Monday, September 26, 2011

When was that event again?

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I've had too many incidents where I knew an event was in my calendar, but I could not remember when it was.  It began to occur to me that I had missed the most important part of an online or digital calendar.  The ability to "search".

I have the DROID, and Android Phone, built using Google ideas and all that.  Why can't I search my calendar?  That's right! now I can...

With Calendar Plus you can now search through your events/agenda using the search feature on your phone.  While inside Calendar Plus you can tap your search button on your phone and a search dialog will appear allowing you to search through your agenda.  If you are not in Calendar Plus you can still tap the search button on your phone, but you will have to select "Agenda" from your search options.

By default the search will look from the current days date and forward one week.  If the event is not found it will give you options to look for older and newer events.  This keeps the search quick and easy to use.  I may add a feature to adjust this option in the future.

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